About Us

Sunfire Asset Pty Ltd (“Sunfire Asset”) began in 2001, and is dedicated to investing and helping investors build successful equity and capital of significant and lasting value. Sunfire Asset has grown into a solid private Investment Company that is involved in a wide range of diversified portfolios in the Australian market, especially in the development Industry. We aim to provide a superior personalized wealth management service to private clients, trusts and institutions.

Our mission from the beginning has been to dedicate the very best options for the investor, with emphasis to the sophisticated investor, an elite service aimed for the experienced investor to further reach their business goals and become more advanced in their respective markets by providing expansion capital and strategic support. Our strategy is to be the lead Investor with Clients that seek to invest mainly in the Australian economy through unique and differentiated methods.

We focus on early and expansion-stage investments in the Australia and Asia-Pacific regions and take a labour-intensive approach to managing our investments. Our Investment professionals all have an entrepreneurial spirit and background, and we focus on those markets where we have direct experience, such as hotels, private luxury homes and building seed companies.