The right time to invest

As a result of the global financial crisis and stunted development, certain markets are facing supply shortages and high demand – with long lead times for development meaning that these markets are likely to experience protracted periods of stock shortage – in the process driving up rents and property values. In addition, despite the current concern about the European debt crisis, the Australian economy is expected to perform solidly over the next five years, underpinned by the commodities sector. This dynamic creates an opportunity for a strong upswing over the next five years, meaning the moment is prime for investment in Australian real estate.

Investment Strategy

The Fund’s core strategy is to maximize the returns to investors through actively managing a portfolio of Australian projects diversified by industry sector, geographic region and development partners. Focusing on exploiting opportunities arising from the capital constraints presently being experience by many participants in the market and by avoiding speculative projects, oversupplied markets and over-geared/over- engineered funding structures, Sunfire Australian Real Estate Fund will target assets with strong fundamentals and appropriate risk/return profiles. In assessing all potential projects, Sunfire will seek to ensure that robust property fundamentals are met, only progressing with a potential project where it meets the Fund’s Investment Criteria and demonstrates clear value potential.

The know-how to deliver superior returns

Agile and Able

Sunfire’s advantage is based on two factors; agility – combining market knowledge and relationships to secure quality investments – and ability – using the extensive market knowledge and successful track record of our executives to deliver value.

Rigorous Investment Process

All investment must pass a thorough qualification process which incorporates proven due diligence methodology, extensive market research and analysis, a satisfactory risk/return equation and unanimous investment approval by majority independent advisory committee.

The Right Partner

As part of the investment approach, joint ventures will be formed with experienced and capable partners with a strong track record of delivering project objectives and returns. This allows the fund to capitalise on the operational experience of these partners, while ensuring an independent assessment of the risk and returns of projects.

A Dynamic Combination

Sunfire together with the Licensee form a solid team of experienced industry professionals. By combining property value fundamentals with active risk management, Sunfire aims to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns to investors in the fund.

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